Buffalo Creek flood – controversial act by local rancher

NUYOU ‘DAIZ’ HASBAV: A round of applause is held for the farmers at the Canadian town of Puwilde , western Canada , following a cow rescue operation on Tuesday. Some 1,000 cattle have been drowned and thousands of acres of crops wrecked due to floods that are predicted to continue for two more days.

‘They did a miracle,’ a local farmer said. Authorities could no longer give the cows water to drink.

‘I was able to see for the first time in our bull yard an animal that was washed along from the roads, that was moved by the high water,’ the farmer said.

The Great Lakes National Guard is helping with the rescue operation, bringing in helicopters and boats to help bring in the large number of cows. ‘We see one cow go down, then we get a second one go down, then we get another one and another and another,’ one volunteer said.

The rainfall has caused the Great Lakes of Lake Superior and Lake Huron to overflow their banks. The levels are predicted to remain at unusually high levels until the end of June.

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