Authorities identify two people who died in Brampton shooting

Police say two people have been killed and one is in hospital in critical condition after a shooting on New Year’s Eve.

The victim, who has been identified as 26-year-old Sean Scott from Brampton, was shot and killed by another person just after midnight.

Two other people are in hospital in critical condition following the shooting in Jones Street.

The second person, 25-year-old E’Mel Franklin, was shot and killed after he was confronted by four people on Sumner Street in the early hours of Thursday.

Both homicides are believed to be targeted.

Amirah Bazaldua, 31, from Brampton, is also in hospital in critical condition.

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“These two events over in Brampton overnight could well be the result of people who live in the city and had opportunities to be part of the solution, but didn’t choose to be and that’s extremely frustrating,” Ontario Minister of Community Safety Sylvia Jones said.

“It’s extremely important for individuals who don’t want to live the community that they’re in, to think about the impact that’s had on that community, including the effects that violence has had on the community.”

WATCH: Ontario Minister of Community Safety Sylvia Jones discussing the recent shooting in Brampton

More than 60 officers are currently involved in the investigation.

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Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell spoke with reporters on Wednesday.

“I am in Brampton (Wednesday) night with some officers and I expressed my concerns to them. I said, ‘We have to get up here. We have to speak. We have to fight this together and put the past behind us.’ “I think we need to bury the past. I think we need to move forward and that’s what we’re all trying to do,” Mayor Fennell said.

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