The questions for an America living through a crisis

Investigations after a major public event, when there is likely to be large media coverage and intense scrutiny of the issue, are usually considered the most important.

They are also usually the most difficult for the investigators because their findings are expected to take a lot of time, effort and legal resources. However, they are, generally, a good way to close a big case.

The special counsel investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election is entering a critical phase. The endgame of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is nearly upon us.

Americans should be concerned because this investigation is a keystone of the national political landscape – a “black box” of debates and political pitfalls.

America is hurting. We must help America heal and restore confidence in the American political system.

Many Americans are beginning to ask whether Mueller’s investigation can be completed in a swift and solid manner.

In this article, I’d like to offer four suggestions that can help us get to the right place.

Dear Americans,

I am speaking directly to you, dear citizens, at this time of crisis. It is urgent that you elect a president that will focus on the important issues before us: the nation’s future, our security, the well-being of our people, and the direction of our country.

Today, you are alarmed. Your country, like ours, is hurting. We must help America heal and restore confidence in the American political system.

Ask yourselves: What would you tell your children and grandchildren if they asked you what happened in 2016, what happened in 2018, and what could happen in the coming months? They would also ask you how you feel about the current state of our country and the threat that exists from the men and women in our governing bodies – and men and women in the opposition.

Today, I would like to offer four suggestions that can help us get to the right place.

1. Serve on a Democratic National Committee Committee or endorse a candidate in 2020. Your vote can have a powerful and galvanizing impact.

Many of you have devoted years of your lives to work for the Democratic Party and have served on influential committees, at all levels of government. You have influence to fight for, protect and enhance Democratic ideals.

2. Show your support for United States Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Kirsten Gillibrand. These are all outstanding candidates in their own right, and also represent strong progressive values. You could also consider joining a campaign or contribute to an organization committed to protecting and advancing progressive values. You’ll be helping to shape the future of this country.

3. Demand that congressional Democrats launch an investigation into the roles played by Trump Administration officials in the Trump Tower meeting with Russian individuals during the 2016 election. Demand that the House Select Committee on Intelligence be immediately reopened.

If you do nothing more than call your elected officials and express support for making these changes, this investigation will be taken care of.

4. Join one of the extraordinary and important organizations – whether it is Planned Parenthood, the NAACP, or the ACLU – that are already engaged in defending individual rights and defending the values and integrity of this nation.

For generations of American citizens, people around the world, have used their powerful voices to speak up for justice and respect. These values must not be eroded. All are invited to join the battle for America’s soul.

Thank you,

Michelle Bauman

President and CEO, Democracy 21

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