The views of Gen Y activists Chloe Coscarelli and @BKatBesler

In the past year, Chloe Coscarelli has become an underground sensation. First on the map thanks to her first cookbook, Book of Dishes, she began modeling and also launched a successful food blog of the same name. Coscarelli’s family comes from Naples, Italy, and her cooking style borrows liberally from traditional Italian food. But Coscarelli also wants to use her platform to draw attention to the health and environmental sustainability issues facing meat production.

The large growth in domestic meat consumption, she says, is not as integral to ecological and health gain as many think. In a recent Time interview, she said, “For most people, a lack of available plants in the diet is just as bad as excessive, processed protein.”

Her mission is clear: turning ideas such as refrigeration, antibiotic use, and confinement of livestock into edible food. “That’s our goal,” she told The New York Times.

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By Ben Kabak, The New York Times

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