Toronto Concert, Part 1: Stewart Goodyear @ Royal Conservatory of Music

This fall, pianist Stewart Goodyear will embark on a new journey. He will be returning to Toronto after a nearly four-year absence to explore the possibilities of exploring early-20th-century Classical and modern repertoire in this new city. He returns to the Royal Conservatory of Music to launch the program for the 2018–19 season.

Goodyear studied music at Montreal’s McGill University and in 1972 attended his first private piano practice with the legendary Joe Colla at the Carnegie Recital Hall. He studied piano under Colla’s master of musical discipline, George Vasilyev, and with Bernice White. His instrument of choice was the concert grand piano, however, his ambition was to make music based on minimalism.

After graduation, Goodyear headed to the U.S. to attend the Curtis Institute of Music where he studied early music with early twentieth-century masters J.S. Bach and Handel. His most important mentors were Spanish musician Andres Segovia and American composer Aaron Copland.

After graduation, Goodyear came to Toronto to work with Bernard Devadass as a development consultant. His first major orchestra job was with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. At the same time, he was directing orchestra rehearsals for the Toronto Opera.

Goodyear’s performances over the past few years have shown his breadth of conducting skills and vocal and pianistic abilities. He also teaches piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music and Durham Conservatory of Music, where he works with undergraduates and graduate students as well as the principal teachers. Goodyear currently teaches the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Canada’s largest professional orchestra, including free public performances at TSO headquarters in Toronto.

Stewart Goodyear’s classical repertoire commitments for the upcoming season include presenting and conducting Leclerc’s Sings an Agnello Cantante Concert No. 1 and Getz/Gilbert: Five Songs and the Berta T. Tempesta Ensemble at Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music.

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