7 Trends You Need to Know About in Today’s Science and Health

Can’t trust his online persona. Does he keep seeing strange birthday messages from his girlfriend? Does he worry about baby photos of yours that have “babies” and “wolves” in the captions? More than six in 10 people surveyed said they’d feel uncomfortable if someone they’d just met were their online friend. If you think someone you recently met is overly emotional about you on social media, you might be right. And even if he’s not, it’s probably wise to be a little cautious, since he might be using it as a threat.

Curious whether he has a mind of his own? Consider that number again, 6 out of 10. What if you read the messages of a friend who’s gone missing? What if the messages of an ex of yours insist you two have gotten back together? Did he betray you? Is he blackmailing you with sexually explicit photos? Put your fingers on the scale and you’ll probably tip the scales.

Alarmist fantasies.

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