The 24-hour shopping day of 2018: the deals to look out for

The 24-hour shopping day set aside for the electronics, clothing and pretty much everything else that’s come between bowing and scraping (something most buyers in this country avoid with their TVs in hand) is today.

Very Slightly Attempted

Because it’s too late for many deals to be announced for Cyber Monday, you’ll need to settle for a slightly underwhelming offering on Black Friday itself and wait for the discounts to appear at the weekend.

Manufacturers and stores are responsible for creating special one-day deals, often following a specific theme and the likes of toys, clothing and homeware make particularly frequent appearances during such events.

Just typing some of the huge names below will tell you a whole lot about what’s on offer:

Amazon have released their annual Black Friday ad (below), so this year, we’re expecting some special offers to focus on the famous Amazon Treasure Truck and other “small-ass box deals”.

We’ve also been told that Toys R Us and Lego UK will have Christmas-themed offers – though it’s also possible we’ll see discounts applied to products across the site, possibly including the annual Nerf Rebelle Master Blaster Extreme Special Edition (£85.99, off from £109.99 on Amazon).

Toy Star Wars Imperial Guard Light-up Zero Gravity Armour available for £34.99 (usually £39.99) – also available with First Order and Resistance Black Ops Tactical Lightsabers in bold Christmas colours.

Olloclip Camera Lens for iPhone – normally £79.99, down to £49.99, on

Canon 1D X Mark II 1.6L 5-lens camera kit – normally £2,600, down to £1,900 -on

l’Oeil de Decoste Simplified Cook Book 2015 (£34.99, usually £44.99) – also on

Olio Umbrella – normally £45.99, down to £30.99, on

Or perhaps you’re taking part in International Cheaper Textbook Night In, where you spread your copies over three days and ‘gobble them up’ so you can save money on your next school term.

Select higher-price textbooks are available on, and for discounted prices that are between 15% and 50% off. If the savings aren’t enough, you can also bag some discount vouchers, though you won’t be able to spend your deal codes until you’ve been home for three hours.

And yet another thing….

Here are some of our favourite Amazon deals from the store in 2017:

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