Premo Viñales & His Crew Make It To The Bay Of Pigs After An Aerial Rescue (AUDIO)

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Cuban pianist/ singer/ songwriter Premo Viñales and his crew of Cuban yankee explorers all made it to the other side of the Bay of Pigs after a spectacular aerial rescue. He faced a new peril however…

(Viñales) “Well we made a bailing maneuver at about 230 kph, but this time it started to rain and it started to get dark, so we called off the flight.”

That’s the latest from Premo Viñales, in studio with Bill Hemmer.

You can see his monumental display of daring throughout his entertaining career in Cuba. Now he’s focused on things that haven’t been as difficult for his majestic sounds.

“I’m working on my brand new classical compositions, which is something new for me, but my favorite music is the Latin instrumental genres.”

Bill also talked with Premo about Haiti’s earthquake recovery and its impact on his career.

And you can catch Premo in the studio with Brian Kilmeade.

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