The Instagram beauty queen breaking into the male-dominated Mexican TV industry

Internet sensation Nathalia Cordon-Posey is proving it doesn’t matter how confident you are: you can break into an industry dominated by little girls.

Now, ever since the video was uploaded to her channel, she’s been heard, seen and, ahem, liked by a lot of people in Mexico. The size 4, no nonsense beauty queen Tika stands out in a background of very dainty girls in traditional Mexican dress.

To the 37-year-old Chicagoan however, it was the obvious lack of diversity in what was being shown on television and the news that inspired her to create her own video series.

“I was watching Fox News one time and I noticed they all looked the same,” she explained to OK! Magazine. “There were some shows on there that used to have ethnic makeup and now they all use real Caucasian.”

“I just felt like there was something missing,” she continued. “We’re all so alike and we just didn’t all look the same. It was crazy. I couldn’t find the diversity and I was depressed and started questioning a lot of stuff. It was time for me to start my own.”

Bought a piece of paper to create a gallery

Made a video with ideas for it in hand

About a year later, and she had the equivalent of nine videos on YouTube and her own channel filled with videos that earned over a million views. And then she signed a deal with Spotify.

“I realized that this is the right thing to do,” she added. “This is my talent, and if I can do it for myself, then I should give it back to people and share it with them and use it to inspire them.”

With millions of views and over 90 million plays, it’s clearly not just a talent that she’s given herself.

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