Britain bans flights from six African nations due to fears about Ebola

Britain has decided to ban direct flights from six African nations due to fears about the Ebola virus and a threat to global aviation security.

The U.K.’s government announced the “measures designed to ensure the highest possible safety level” for British passengers and for European flights to and from the affected countries, where restrictions will include passenger checks on and testing of their luggage, and the closure of airports to commercial aircraft and personnel from affected countries.

The measures include a ban on all direct flights from those countries to and from the U.K.

“These measures build on previous Government work and actions to ensure that we protect the safety of UK citizens, those traveling to or transiting through the U.K., and airlines operating in the U.K.,” a government spokesperson said.

Those affected countries include Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal and Mali.

According to the World Health Organization, 79,649 cases of Ebola have been reported throughout the countries, resulting in 9,730 deaths.

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