CNN 50: What’s your Top 10 Story?

Now is your chance to tell us about the 10 best stories you’ve read on CNN since Trump became president. We’re looking for inspiring stories of everyday people who have done incredible things in the past year. To that end, we’re asking you to send us your top 10 CNN Hero stories.

Today, we’re looking for the top 10 stories about people working to restore their environment or empower children who face bleak circumstances. We’re looking for inspiring stories like these:

Teens trying to build dams to save animals

Biology students getting kids active in the outdoors

Bikers helping the homeless

Teens helping homeless find job and opportunities

Clean water is becoming the norm in some areas

People with deadly illnesses increasing confidence

Baseball fans helping hometown hurt kids

Students receiving scholarships for building their community

Staying involved helps people lead happier lives

We want to see your stories. If you know someone doing something exceptional, send us an email at [email protected]. This is our final call for entries.

How to submit your Top 10 Story with a photo

Send us your best 10 stories with a photo and a brief description of why you think your story should be considered for CNN50. All submissions will be edited. Please be sure to include your full name when you submit your submission. Don’t forget to include your city as well!

Don’t forget: 1. Complete your email address. (You have to provide your first and last name, plus a city. Don’t forget to spell your name correctly.) 2. Include a short description of your topic in 250 words or less. 3. Tell us about your story and include a photo. 4. Include your name and your city. 5. Include your city, and your school or university. Thank you.

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