‘No Place for a US Consulate in Jerusalem,’ Netanyahu Says After Trump Comments

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has responded to comments President Trump made today on the Jerusalem embassy, saying there is no place for an American Consulate for Palestinians in the holy city of Jerusalem.

President Trump said earlier this week that the United States would be moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem at the end of the year. Netanyahu announced to reporters in Israel that the embassy would be moved to the occupied West Bank of the Jordan River “very soon.”

A statement released by Netanyahu’s office read, “The embassy’s relocation to the Embassy of Jordan will be prepared very soon. Both this step and the relocation of the Embassy to Jerusalem are clear recognition that there is no room for a U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem for Palestinians.”

Netanyahu’s remarks were in response to a suggestion on the phone today by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that he could look for alternatives to an embassy in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu’s comments imply that Jordan could assume control of the current US consulate in Amman for the Israeli-occupied West Bank should the embassy move to Jerusalem. According to Netanyahu, the Jordanians indicated they would prefer to share the current US consulate, rather than transfer it to Jerusalem.

The US consulate for Jordan currently operates with a staff of more than 100 diplomats.

– Jennifer Griffin is a member of Fox News Channel’s Pentagon and War Stories Teams. Follow her on Twitter: @JenGriffinFNC

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