Madonna hits out at Instagram after her piercing picture was banned

The superstar rapper and social media influencer called Instagram ‘a cruel place’ after a photo was banned because of a piercing

Madonna has slammed Instagram and its censored page as a “cruel place” after the Instagram version of her, featuring a shot of her with her piercing pierced in all the wrong places, was removed.

The diva has over 71m followers on Instagram and was back on the site four days after her sharing of the offending photo to the page of her online influencer, Yodel Meos, was taken down.

It was later uploaded by her son David Banda to his Instagram, giving it 1.2m views. The original photo, which has more than 570,000 likes, is still visible on Madonna’s Facebook page, however.

Madonna (@Madonna) It hasn’t been fun on Instagram.

The “clampdown” that I’ve been talking about is unfair, unprofessional, offensive and sexist.

A cruel place for a young entrepreneur, wanting only to better himself, to have his page removed, and have his sales and social media world ruined by the corporation, without my permission. Not okay.

I never imagined what a “baby” would look like. You told me.

And then what? A star?

I want to put #infidelityful up so my fans can share their love and celebrate the fact that we can all be something.

The popstar’s earlier comments defending the censored photo caused outrage among some of her fans, with one user, Mike, saying: “He hasn’t damaged the content … The ring is in the wrong place and in a correct location, and it’s a mistake.”

But Madonna’s efforts to appease her fans didn’t exactly please others.

Others argued: “you’re not allowed to censor post. flagging thingies is a waste of time so like leave it alone.”

And there was a tweet from someone with the handle @Spinkyorgy of his tweet: “Why is she in an article supporting them? I mean I have a different view but what am I supposed to do about this Madonna?”

Others thought his comment was far more relatable, saying: “I have never thought about that before but those caption but now I can relate to that … why would I want to censor a white man and his tattoos?”

Madonna is not the first person to become outraged when their photo was removed. Google was put on the spot when Instagram eventually returned to a photo of a young woman with a saggy tattoo that Google claimed was “explicit nudity” despite users declaring it to be completely hidden.

The company later reversed its decision.

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