Domesticated Superheroes Hit Toronto To Help Vaccinate Kids

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Entertainment company, Imaginism, teamed up with Northern Ontario Waterfront Health Centre in Ontario and the Canadian Red Cross to bring in the Superheroes to help vaccinate young children in need of protection against CVID-19, the second cold virus on the Canadian government’s vaccine ladder of danger.

Program Manager with Northern Ontario Waterfront Health Centre in Toronto, Dr. Ellen Lo, joined Mike Thompson to discuss the program.

“There is now an epidemic right here in Toronto that is spreading to Lake Ontario. Children, their vaccines, the number of lives that are being lost is just so concerning. They lost about 120 cases, so yeah, it’s just kids that are really, really sick. And kids die, they die quickly and sadly. A lot of them don’t have access to treatment. This vaccine is free, so that just couldn’t be worse.”

Dr. Ellen Lo, Program Manager with Northern Ontario Waterfront Health Centre in Toronto talks about why it is so important to vaccinate young children with vaccinations against CVID-19.

“I know that the Ottawa people are doing some really good work with lab work to hopefully get more coverage. So I’m just really encouraging people to come in with their kids and register for the CVID vaccination now and to get the shot because this epidemic is real. This is not just in Toronto, this is probably in almost all of the Canadian communities.”

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