Drug Industry Hits Back at FDA, Calls Rosacea Drug ‘Proposed” But ‘Won’t Be Approved’

WATCH: Voters across the country have been concerned about job-killing, dangerous drugs and attempts to roll back strict regulations on pharmaceutical companies.

As Fox Business’s Elizabeth MacDonald explained Friday on “Your World,” the pharmaceutical industry is fighting back.

Merck has been a key player in the efforts to remove so-called “price-gouging” from the health care system.

On Friday, Merck told the Food and Drug Administration that its drug for the skin disease rosacea, known as Cobisoquin, failed a final review of its effectiveness.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions was announced Friday as the head of the new task force.

Congress first created the National Action Plan for Combating Over-the-Counter Drug Misuse in 2012. But this final analysis found that Cobisoquin did not meet the requirements to be the over-the-counter drug.

According to Merck’s spokesperson, once the company received the finalized recommendation, it immediately began discussions with the FDA to determine whether the product could be approved.

“We were actually surprised that the FDA would require further information on the product, as previous trials showed the product to be a safe and effective option for the treatment of rosacea,” Dr. John Baker, head of dermatology for Merck, said.

“While cobisoquin meets the FDA’s standard of being a safe and effective option for the treatment of rosacea, the final FDA review of rosacea did not show that cobisoquin demonstrated outstanding effectiveness and so Merck would like to see the FDA do more to address the related consumer concerns.”

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