Greg Gutfeld explains why he doesn’t care about what the press tells us about white men

Today on “The Five,” FOX News’ Greg Gutfeld opined on why some elements in the media have been shirking their duty to demand more facts when they uncover wrongdoing.

The host said the story about NBA star LeBron James giving a personal donation to help the relatives of the murder victim Tamir Rice — in the face of Cleveland’s police union suggesting it was a publicity stunt — is proof, in his view, that no one in the press cares.

“The media doesn’t care when cops kill, [when] protesters riot,” Gutfeld said. “The information they want to give out is always the story. Everyone wants the story of the urban legend that poor black kids are shooting at cops.”

Gutfeld said that when Twitter can prompt arguments between police officers and civilians on the basis of whether the latter were involved in civil unrest in Ferguson, Mo., the media forgets the Michael Brown shooting that arguably sparked the civil unrest.

“There’s always somebody who’ll tweet, ‘Oh, Eric Garner is dead because he didn’t put up his hands’,” he said. “That story is becoming popular in Ferguson, Mo., and right now, they’re arguing about it on Twitter.”

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