Have the McDonald’s of the future arrived?

On this episode of Smart Money with Mike Emanuel, Mike takes a closer look at McDonald’s and explores whether the company can ultimately deliver on its ambitious “Our Menu Is Very Darwinian” messaging. No stranger to customization, McDonald’s is investing $250 million over the next five years to establish regional restaurants that will allow members of its audience to be more creative and customized while gaining access to unique ingredients in their local community. Mike then checks in with Fran Freeman, the co-founder of Camushree, a lifestyle company that has built a $120 million team through alliances with McDonald’s, and ends the episode with a deep dive into the company’s technology endeavors.

Network: www.nbcnews.com/smartmoney

Title: OUR MENU IS VERY DANGEROUS – McDonald’s Changing the Game

Host: @MikeEmanuelCNN

Series Producer: Brian Macklin

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