Swedish PM quits hours after being sworn in

The newly elected Swedish prime minister has resigned just hours after she was sworn in to office.

See video of her political career below:

The change comes just days after left-wing economist Stefan Lofven resigned his post as defense minister to become the new prime minister and had been endorsed by populist opposition leader and populist opposition leader Bjorn Söder.

Lofven became Sweden’s first female prime minister.

It is still not clear whether Lofven was planning to resign or was pressured by the center-right opposition into stepping down after her first cabinet announcement.

“I will immediately resign from my position as defense minister,” she said in a statement on her official Facebook page.

He also submitted a letter to parliament that sets out the reasons for his resignation as prime minister and his reasons for leaving the defense portfolio.

The resignation is a blow to the centre-left, which was just elected into power in a landslide victory last month, led by the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats.

In a statement she thanked the Swedish people for re-electing her but she warned that the new coalition government of her Social Democratic Party and Green Party would have to take time to stamp its authority on the country.

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