How to work with a parent or relative back at work

For people in offices with parents, brothers and sisters, and that extra cousin or relative, it’s a bit of a tough balancing act to juggle work and family. And for people who just can’t seem to be in two places at once, it can be a particularly complicated situation for managers and supervisors.

“For a lot of people, when a family member comes back from a long absence they get to see not only the family member and one or two family members, but they see the relationship with the rest of the family, and it’s so exciting for all of the people in the office,” says Susan Repak, chief executive of Leadership Coach DC, who has seen a lot of the integration of family members into the workplace. “But then you also get an influx of folks who are trying to bring back as fast as they can, they can’t follow the family structure, because they are not staying in touch with the family as well.”

Making that transition can be a bit of a circus, but Repak suggests listening to what is going on and trying to help.

“Give that person as much insight and support and understanding about what is actually going on as you can as a manager,” she says. “So if they need help, listen to them. You don’t have to be a stickler.”

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