8 Tons of Views from Asia’s Colossal Rails


Of all the countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore’s rail system has it all: greenery, wildlife, gardens, archaeological sites, lakes, walkways, hills, and mountains.


You should never underestimate the combination of night markets, scenic vistas, art workshops, music, fireworks, and gyros during Taipei’s New Year. The New Year tours, by Shanghainese operator City International Co. Ltd. and Hong Kong’s Advance Travel, are great for families with children. Explore Taiwan’s wild and scenic countryside by way of the private roads with cell-phone reception.


Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, has a welcome ambience of history and history as well as sights to see. In the city, historic attractions are easy to spot — you just need to be sure to be in the right spot for a glimpse of the former royal palaces, such as the Palace Museum, which is within walking distance of the international airport. For a more private glimpse of the countryside, Hanoi’s Unversity City provides a good beginning.


Among Asia’s commercial and urban cities, Ho Chi Minh City has the most dynamic business atmosphere. Visitors have the option of wandering the markets, viewing architectural landmarks, and choosing from a variety of foods and cultural attractions.


Have you ever dreamed of a train ride through a real countryside of birds, rice, pigs, and hay? An authentic tour featuring scenery of “China’s Train Trip,” from the coastal city of Qingdao to the mountains, is an unforgettable experience. These five-hour train journeys of 799 kilometers each include cultural workshops, picnics, and a zodiac calendar party at Shenyang City Rail Station.


Hoping to find the island’s unspoiled location? In Singapore, you will. During the Lonely Planet Hong Kong Tour — Singapore’s Most Unspoiled Spot — visitors can see wildlife such as tigers, lions, and elephants, Buddhist temples, and museums, all accompanied by stunning, lush landscape and fresh, local fruits.

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