Couple fined for eating turkey with a headlamp on it

From the beginning, perhaps, Christmas was special for Jenna Baker. Her family shared a common European heritage: Her dad is Norwegian and her mom is German. Thanksgiving, from the beginning, was the holiday when their best friends first met.

“That brought the two of them closer, and my dad would show off the pictures to his friends,” said Baker.

And this November, that special bond could have been fractured forever had 23-year-old Paul Choon Horvath not crashed her turkey dinner in Britain.

“He was a huge turkey hunter,” said Baker. “We were all expecting a car or a plane crash”.

“Our Christmas was ruined,” said Keith Baker, the Baker family patriarch. “We had 16 minutes to get out of the house and get to the hospital. The turkey fell out of the tray and hit him in the head with it.”

Her mom is described as breathing a sigh of relief, and the family has asked Mr. Horvath to apologize.

“We want him to apologize,” she said. “It was dangerous what he did.”

Mr. Horvath is married to Jenna’s cousin, Susanne Baker. Susanne told the Daily Mail that the crash would not ruin their holiday.

“We didn’t think about it too much,” she said. “We were a massive family anyway. We’re a very close knit family.”

“We’re not going to let this ruin our family,” said the paper quoted her.

It is a sentiment shared by their daughter, adding that the couple “will always get married.”

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